Happy Halloween, CelebSecrets4U readers!

One of our favorite holidays, Halloween, is right FINALLY here! We chatted with Ray Ray, Princeton, Roc Royal and Prodigy of Mindless Behavior to share funny memories from the highly anticipated day just for YOU! Check out our Q&A with the boys below.

CelebSecrets4U: What was the most memorable costume youve worn on Halloween?

Ray Ray: When I dressed as a nerd! Everyone loved my costume.

Princeton: My favorite halloween costume had to be last year when I dressed up as John Lennon.”

Roc Royal: I’d have to say a nerd as well! Ray Ray and I were nerds at the same time.

Prodigy: My most memorable Halloween costume was Scream!


CelebSecrets4U: What is your favorite Halloween candy?

Ray Ray: My favorites are Hershey chocolates and candy corn!

Princeton: M&Ms all day! I love them; they are so colorful and nice.

Roc Royal: Snickers, Twix, and Kit Kat bars!

Prodigy: Reeses Peanut Butter cups and ButterFingers!

There you have it! Keep it here for more Halloween dish from your favorite stars all day!